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Krafty Kuts Promo Mix (Lady Waks Radio Show)

Krafty Kuts Promo Mix (Lady Waks Radio Show)

New Promo Mix I did for Lady Waks Radio show, loads of new & exclusive tunes … enjoy !!

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24 Komentarze

  1. sometimes a change is always better than the rest(im.proud of that comment now for fuck sakes real educated lovers of all dance music genres pls follow me of u dont u have ni idea at all of what ur missing out on as my playlists cover all genres ?

  2. @aaron-reddick bassbin twins ?? Its evil nine crooked instrumental with zhu fadef vocal the sickest craziest fat mashup by krafty ive ever heard

  3. always love when I come across a Krufty mix I ain’t’s like finding money in a pair of jeans!

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