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UPGRD – Chapter 2

UPGRD – Chapter 2

It’s routine the coupe clean let’s hit the show !
That is the Shit ! That is the Shit !
Livin in a hole otha galaxy !
That is the Shit ! That is the Shit !

That’s Chapter 2 by UPGRD

This Scratchtape is pure Dj work, we are mixing beats and cutting up records.
Here is the list of the tracks we used for this mix :

Dave Owen, Arkaik, Sense MC​ – That’s Everything
Minnesota​ – Dark Crystal
ÆTERNA – Sköll
Abimanyu – Fitnah
Razat​ – D Shieeet
Ivy Lab​ – Amber
Alix Perez & Fracture ​- Archetype
Airkaik – Doppelganger
Danny Grooves ​- Heatmiser
TC feat Jakes – Rep (Qbig & Zenith B Remix)
Kaidra – ?
Lewis James – Turbo

This is only the beats list not the sounds used for scratching, it would be way too long ^^

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Bandcamp (free download) :

As always get more on​

#UPGRD #Pipolass #TMB #FABOT #Scratching #Belgium #Homies

released June 18, 2019

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