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A Golden Era Of Funk Podcast

A Golden Era Of Funk Podcast

The next instalment of my Golden Era Podcast series is here, Including an interview with Legendary British Funk act Cymande. These are Funk tracks from the 60’s – 70’s which are my personal favourites and inspired me to do what I do today. Funk is a style, genre a way of life that has been the biggest influence in my career. In this mix it takes in everything that I love about how Funk can be Latin, Jazz, Folk, Rock but if it’s Funky then it can fit under that bracket !!

Play: 183917

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29 Komentarze

  1. ce mix est tout simplement génial !!! Good work Mr Krafty Kuts, this is dope 🙂

  2. Big ups, Martin! These golden era podcasts are ON POINT! Looking forward to seeing you rock Fractal Forest next week!

  3. This is my favorite Bob James Mix kid Capri Sampled this joint! My N.Y. $#!+

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