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Golden Era Of Hip Hop Vol.3 Podcast

Golden Era Of Hip Hop Vol.3 Podcast

So after months of careful preparation and hours of digging I bring to you the final instalment of my Golden Era Hip Hop series Vol 3. This mix I spent longer on and rather than give you interviews with legends of the scene I have delivered an extra 15 minutes of classics. It has been one of my favorite pieces of work compiling these mixes and no expense is spared into finding all those hidden gems. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did compiling my own personal favourites ?

For full track listing, please follow this link:

Play: 204107

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26 Komentarze

  1. Man… Makes me feel old when I can remember the tunes from a golden age mix from when I was in high school 🙂 Awesome mix!

  2. The flow, the selection, the blend, the mix, the skills!! Thank you for a fantastic trip to the greatest hip-hop era eva’!!

  3. I never knew how much I needed this combination of Beasties and RJD2 in my life

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