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We had a few questions already so the of…

We had a few questions already so the of…

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Data Utworzenia: 2020-03-30 17:59:48

We had a few questions already so the official status for TODAY is that Catch The Flava Camp 2020 will happen ✅
We take the corona virus very seriously, we are constantly monitoring the situation in different countries. We want to believe that this thing will calm down till the summer and we all will be able to travel again and to connect again as a dance community. 🙏
Of course safety is priority for us and if for some reasons we will not be able to guarantee 100% safety for our students or the world will be still fighting with the virus then of course we will make the right decisions.
It is really important for all of us that the camp will happen for many reasons. For our company but also for our teachers, all the artists, dj’s and media teams… they are already getting hit, with all the events being canceled, they losing the gigs so we don’t want to be another event that is being cancelled for them.
Finally we believe it is important that the camp will happen for all of you, staying home right now, waiting for things to calm down so you can get back to that travel life, meet your friends from all around the world, exchange and be connected again as a dance community. We all have to support each other more than ever in these times so the scene can get through that together. 🤝
But again, safety first for us and if anything will change then we will immediately let you know.
For now you can book your spot for the camp on our website and stay tuned for more informations. ⏳
We hope you guys are safe and your families are safe too. For now please #StayHome and hopefully we see each other this summer at the camp. 🙏❤️


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