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Roots Raid – Transgender ft. Dawa Hifi, Cookah & Likkle Ferguson [Music video]

Roots Raid – Transgender ft. Dawa Hifi, Cookah & Likkle Ferguson [Music video]

Stream / Free Download : https://fanlink.to/Roots_Raid_Nuit_Blanche
Extracted from Roots Raid new album „Nuit Blanche”

📽 Real : Adrien David
🎙 Vocal : Cookah & Likkle Ferguson
⭐ Composition : Roots Raid x Dawa Hifi
🎚 Mastering : Pilah

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She’s born a man
With a mind of a woman
Doesn’t know her place
Her life she chased on
The fear and the look of others
Had her run for cover
She closed the book like shatters
In different situations
Respect them members
She’s born a man
She was born and couldn’t understand
Didn’t know what her body and mind were trying to tell

respect due to the maximum
me ball and call uno fi stand strong
shock and proove man ride the pattern
and tell them the truth they pon the section
eh just the other well i heard them say
transgender an’t no human anyway
but who are you? to say that today
go hear the words of the one singjay

Transgender, respect them members

Man and woman
Man and woman
It’s a secret and she hides it
Thinks she’s sick
It’s a secret and she hides it

Transgender, respect them members

cause people are people and people are evil
thinking we nah equal no one is illegal
something like needle eye of the eagle
aim for the middle you know the shot is lethal

nah come fi tickle
london to seattle
nah run on diesel
fly like a seagull
some dem a tremble
words them na wan mumble
stay true and humble
cookah like a candle

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  1. I mean why tho? These people aren't happy, they deeply hate themselves. Don't support or encourage this, it is not healthy. ❤‍🩹

  2. Thank you for broadcasting this to a spritual/rasta/new age audience!! ruffling feathers is important for the culture to progress <3 no fun making rebel/revolution music if everyone already agrees NO ONE IS ILLEGAL!!!

  3. The Pink Throne's enjoyment in life is based on the mistakes of others, while she remains living as the opposite-of-plant fair race position. Racism carried out in the landscape is the weapon she weilds, but SHE has a weak physical position to protect. So here's what I recommend;

    • be born male and never attempt to minimize plant behaviors in your skin to become sex-organ-free naturally. 💐

    • claim land, definitely provide food and housing for a lady. 🌱

    • have dark skin, be proud of it, but don't be racist. 🌲

    • get super wealthy, and be prepared to lavish your lady with satisfaction. 🍄

    • militaries are unquestionably necessary. Start by destroying your own gender. 🌾

    • eat shit. Literal feces: healthy for the animal kingdom, bad for plants. 💩

    • die. ☠️

  4. Et beeeeeh en regardant certains commentaires je me dis qu'on est pas prêts pour le vivre ensemble…bravo Roots raid, Cookah et 4rran !!! L'humanité est multiple et complexe prenons soin des autres bordel

  5. Pour sûr le Respect !!!

    Demander a un Homme de penser a une ligne, Il la verra fini, demander a une Femme de penser une ligne, Elle la verra infini. Demander ça a un Homme ou une Femme sans lui dire si vous voulez confirmation.

    Vivement la fin des incarnations forcés et du Yin/Yang non maitrisé. On y arrive… Celui que l'on trouve une fois gravi la montagne n'a pas qu'un Visage… encore faut t'il avoir envie de la gravir, pour comprendre la vérité derrière son véritable Nom occulté par des nuages de fumées, ceux ci que l'on pense nous panser, alors que ceux la infecte.

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