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RAD feat JahVoice – Bring It Out

RAD feat JahVoice – Bring It Out

Free download : http://odgprod.com/2016/02/wake-up/

Extracted from the compilation „WAKE UP !” (2016)

“ The Music unites”, was Marco’s way of think. All the artists who met Marco took part in this compilation to get closer to him, again. Together we still believe in a dream : to spread basses, and be free to celebrate with the sound system’s spirit. Marco was always able to get us move and to diffuse the energy he had in himself and that’s what he leaves in each of us. The Bass power of every single track is strong like the message he left : Wake Up….. Not just a scream but a call for the souls.
Violante, and all Marco’s friends thank all the artists, Gabriele for the mastering work, Matt for the precious work he done and Tristan Josse for the Graphic artworks. As Marco and Alfredo said: ” There is no authority but yourself

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