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Roots Raid – About Life feat. Cookah & Likkle Ferguson (Official Music Video)

Roots Raid – About Life feat. Cookah & Likkle Ferguson (Official Music Video)

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Roots Raid – About Life feat. Cookah & Likkle Ferguson

Réalisation : Jeremy Trellu
Montage : Jeremy Trellu

Lyrics by Cookah & Likkle Ferguson
Music / Fx / Overdub by Roots Raid
Mix & Master by Pilah
Cover by Paul Smith

Lyrics :

got to focus on what you believe in
regardless of what dem be saying

what you really know about life
what me really know about life
you haffi choose between vertue or vice
choose between virtue or vice

beca’ some things yes you haffi analyse
some times you haffi think more than twice
some things them harsh and some things nice
some people eat caviar some people rice

but i tell you right ya know jah-man its not the same price
some add pepper and some add spice
ina asia them chop up the onion chives
some use the chopsticks and some fork and knife

watch you really really know about life
watch you really know about life

well listen bredren and haffi hear me advice
certain relationships dress up as disguise
every way we look I say under me eyes
so watch out me bredren before you get hypnotized

well each and every episode you haffi memorize
some idolize and some criticize
some spread the truth and some tell lies
life’s not a game of dice
oh lord life’s not a game of dice

the sugar of the cane a man gwaan go tell them
easy and peasy life a simple ting
you coulda be the poor guy or the king of the king
when it come down to death every man is the same

nothing is impossible you coulda fly on one wing
my bredren you nah need no engine OR
GPS OR unreal machine
refer to the sun to the solar system

focus just on what you believe in
when you create

if you a gal you coulda find the right guy
if you a certain weight you coulda find the size
if you hungry nah envy the rich man guy
cause every man ah get slice of the babylon pie
you coulda be open minded or timide and shy
you coulda win or loose you coulda make the tie
you coulda bubble and whine go down and a do it all night
express yourself enjoy the present time

got to focus on what you believe in
what you be dreaming
regardless of what you be seeing

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