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Ondubground – Swimming Loop Ft. Art-X & Zian Xuano

Ondubground – Swimming Loop Ft. Art-X & Zian Xuano

Extracted from the album Toy Story by Art-X [ODGPROD 2014] Free download (mp3) : http://odgprod.com/2014/01/27/art-x-toy-story-various/
Free download (wav) : .
Buy CD (wav) : http://odgprod.com/store/
Follow Art-X : facebook.com/artxmelodica
Video by Éléonore Bianchi (2014)

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26 Komentarze

  1. Awe Yess! I love it…mmm. Sounds amazing. I love music you can feel. I can hear Augustus Pablo's Spirit in it. The Melodica duo makes my soul very happy. Peace.

  2. Thanks fi feee download, ma freen. I play melodica, too. Dub n Reggae melodica are amazing… Luv dis chune. Yes I!

    Greetings from Monterrey, México. (excuse fi ma poor english)

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