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Mr Wiggles RSC explains what is the real…

Mr Wiggles RSC explains what is the real…

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Data Utworzenia: 2020-01-18 17:30:00

Mr Wiggles RSC explains what is the real funk 🥁 6 months to go


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  1. I agree with Weeglez but even in the 70 's sequencers were used by a large part of artist in music production industry .. Especially in electric boogie or electro funk! a lot of music was produced with synthetizers or keyboards that automatically sequences the drum beat. So what’s the point of this post ? Good music is always good music for me.. It doesn’t matter if it’s been sequenced, first print, CD vinyl, good music it’s always good music! If we want to talk about professional listening it’s ok but let’s start from the point that anyone must have a decent audio system at home.

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