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Mops x Dj Pete – Alladyn VIDEO

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Źródło materiału by stoprocentTV
Data Utworzenia: 2018-08-23 12:40:24

Weed banger specjlanie dla Was na upalne dni i zadymione wieczory. Wszyscy latamy jak Alladyn!

Słowa: Mops https://www.facebook.com/MopsBebsky/
Muzyka: Dj Pete https://www.facebook.com/pedrodoscanones
Zdjęcia: Mops x Salty + random stock footage
Montaż: https://www.facebook.com/asperasfilmz/

VAPEFULLY https://goo.gl/qTcXkL
WEEDWEEK: https://goo.gl/g1hSiq

We used some random footage to make this video awesome – if it’s Yours – THX in advance. Are there any problems with it? Pls contact me instead of reporting ? I’m not making money with this video – ad free.


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