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16. F.F.O.D. – Staright Muffin’

Materiał Video Od: White House Records

Źródło materiału by White House Records
Data Utworzenia: 2012-08-07 09:35:48

FB : https://www.facebook.com/WHR71

01.Introview With The Drukula
2.3 Mc’s Rocking
3.Drunkenstain Theory
4.Friday Night Practice
7.Can’t Get Worse
8.Feel The Funk Or Die
9.Down Skit
10.Uncork The Brews
11.Lato 2000
12.Hell No
13.Crew From The Wro City
14.Ain’t Shit Changed
15.General Drunko
16.Staright Muffin’
17.Time 2 Shine
18.Ponownie Na Scenie
19.4 My Drunk Pips
20.Hip Hopu Więcej
21.Drunkie Goes To Hollywood
22.2 Step Behind Yo Ass

Produkcja : White House Records
Album : Promillenium
Wydawnictwo : Blend


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