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100% Cockney Mix Vol.3 ★★ Free Download ★★

100% Cockney Mix Vol.3 ★★ Free Download ★★

Click 'Buy’ for FREE DOWNLOAD of Mix, it is a fangate, but the only requirement is that you follow me and Kurnel MC, which I think is a reasonable one! REPOSTING is MASSIVELY APPRECIATED, But for you to do of your own free will.

TRACKLIST is available below (at the bottom), with links to the tracks that are available

So here we are all of a sudden, at vol.3 of '100% Cockney Mix’ with just tracks that I have produced or remixed. Hip Hop, Rock Steady, Ska, Reggae and Swing lay the foundations with elements of other vintage sounds thrown in. Four of the tracks are taken from my soon to be available ‘Unity EP’, due for release 28th March via Cuttin’ It Fine.

Any comments/feedback would also be welcomed!

Featuring the amazing vocal talents of The Kurnel MC
Please show him some love….

Big thanks to @DJRoastBeatz and @CuttinItFine for their support and also for featuring the mix on their Podcast. A thanks to @High-Step-Society for officially allowing me to remix one of their tracks and to @SwingsetSounds for getting me involved!

Also, just wanna say the BIGGEST thanks to anyone that has shared any of my tracks or mixes and in particular to all the blogs and radio shows that have supported my music! Finally, MASSIVE thanks to all the promoters that have booked us and given us the stage to share our music in person!

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TRACKLIST (All Tracks Produced or Remixed by Cockney Nutjob)

1. Roar – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out Now

2. Reet Petite (Cockney Nutjob Remix) – FREE Download – Out Now

3. Parents Anthem (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out Now

4. Get It (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out Now

5. Unity (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out Now

6. Gun – BBP – Out Now

7. Drenched (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out 28th March

8. Easy Anthem (VIP Edit) – Out Now

9. Dancin'(Feat Kurnel MC)- FREE Download – Out Now

10. Is You Is (Cockney Nutjob Remix) – High Step Society – FREE Download -Out Now

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  1. Bro this hits my heart hard.. I’m loving this havin a ? while the gf and smells are down. Your a Don keep the bangers comin

  2. I’ve had to listen to these chunes everyday for 3 weeks straight and it’s the only music that gets me outta my seat w the heat to the street! This old man is cutting up shapes on the dance floor!

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